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Vintage Solo Jazz

Solo jazz (also known as jazz roots, authentic jazz or vintage jazz) is an African American dance style born out of the music of the jazz and swing era.  The 'solo' part of the name refers to the fact that this is a non-partnered dance form, but it certainly doesn't have to be danced alone and is fun to dance with friends! From 1920s charleston, through to the 1930s Shim Sham Shimmy and moves taken from lindy hop and tap dance, on to a more theatre dance-inspired style, solo jazz can be danced in varying styles to suit a wide range of music, and you can see its legacy in all kinds of dance styles that have been popular since. If you're not sure what kind of dancing this is, take a look at this short playlist of solo jazz videos to get inspired.


Whether you already dance swing or tap or are completely new to dance, learning solo jazz can help you to develop your posture, movement, confidence and musicality.  Each week in classes, we will:


  • add to our vocabulary of moves and focus on dance technique to create more precise style and movements


  • learn choreographed sequences to develop confidence in linking moves together


  • use a range of lovely music from the 20s-50s (and maybe the odd modern track if it's really good!) to experiment with how we can vary our styling and timing to match different rhythms and moods. 


We'll be working on technique and you will get a good work out, but first and foremost we will be dancing for fun and the sheer enjoyment of the fabulous music.

Upcoming classes
Solo Jazz - 6 week online course

Thursdays 6.00-7.00 pm, starting 3rd June 2021 (or catch up via the recording at a time to suit you)

Online via Zoom

Suggested fee £30*

On this course we will be learning a classic solo jazz routine, the Tranky Doo. Each week we'll be learning new steps, working on dance technique and musicality, adding a little on to the routine, and of course having fun and enjoying some fabulous music!

This course is open to all adults; whether you have some previous experience and want to expand your repertoire and improve your technique, or you are just starting out and learning your first solo jazz moves, everyone is welcome.


Each class will be recorded and will be available to watch for at least a week after each class, so if you can't make the live class you can catch up at a time to suit you.

To book your place on this course please contact me
and I will send details of how to make payment and access the online class.

*If you are currently struggling financially due to the pandemic, you are welcome to take this course for free - please just let me know when you book so I know who to expect payment from or not : ) Otherwise, please pay what you can afford - suggested fee is £30 for the course.

Looking for a different level of class or unable to join us just yet?  Courses at a variety of levels will be starting throughout the year, so please join the mailing list to receive details of new classes as soon as they are announced: